Business and Brands

We provide people the world over with solutions that offer new value.
To date, we have implemented a series of strategies that have turned established thinking on its head in the apparel industry.
We are constantly pre-empting market needs and taking risks so that we can forge ahead, and have continued to run promotions designed to create a buzz.
Capitalizing on the strengths of the wide-ranging brand portfolio we have built up to date, we intend to harness technology to expand our business even further into the lifestyle sector in the future. We will continue to take on new challenges. From Okayama to the world!

Apparel Brand

  • earth music&ecology
    earth music&ecology
    Natural, youthful brand for women to enjoy in any situation, ranging from fashionable outfits to work clothes and casual wear
  • KOE
    Global brand built around the slogan “mode for everyone,” offering affordable and easy to coordinate fashion for all, from ladies’ and men’s clothing
    to kids and maternity wear. Underpinned by a commitment to a fair supply chain, in terms of resources, raw materials and manufacturing conditions
  • E hyphen world gallery
    E hyphen world gallery
    Fashionable brand for style-con­scious women, offering a range of distinctive items infused with a playful spirit
  • Green Parks
    Green Parks
    Boutique store stocking more than 20 popular brands from Japan and overseas
    Classy, grown-up brand for women who love cool fashion
    Offering a wide range of com­fortable lifestyle solutions, from men’s, ladies’ and kids’ clothing to other everyday items
    Sophisticated ladies’ brand designed to enrich and bring a lighter touch to everyday life
  • LEBECCA boutique
    LEBECCA boutique
    Vintage boutique store offering Japanese women new value from second hand clothing, based on the concept “TOKYO RETRO”
  • KiwaSylphy
    Select shop offering a range of designer brands from around the world and items with a genuine sense of class
  • Thom Browne. New York
    Thom Browne. New York
    Creative brand from Thom Browne, an international design­er whose work includes Paris and New York collections


  • Maison de FLEUR
    Maison de FLEUR
    Exquisite gift brand consisting of elegant items infused with French style
  • SCENT OF Varo
    SCENT OF Varo
    Designed to enrich both your skin and your soul, SCENT OF Varo is an original cosmetic brand that captures the moment you breathe in the aroma of flowers
  • BLOCK natural ice cream
    BLOCK natural ice cream
    Natural ice cream made from ingredients with an emphasis on safety and peace of mind
  • unmarble
    Modern café on the second floor of STRIPE INTERNATIONAL’s Head Office
    A new style of café, offering exclusive original desserts and cakes alongside juice freshly squeezed from seasonal fruits and a wide range of food options


    Website aimed at showcasing premium Japanese culture and technology, based on the theme of “curating Japan as a whole”
    STRIPE INTERNATIONAL’s online store, offering a huge range of products
  • Mechakari
    New fashion rental app that en­ables users to rent as many new items of clothing as they want for a fixed charge, including popular brands such as “earth music&ecology”