Message from
our President

Rapidly evolving into a lifestyle and technology company

We are developing STRIPE INTERNATIONAL into a lifestyle and technology company. Making the most of expertise we have built up over 20 years in the apparel industry, we are constantly evolving as a company capable of creating new value through clothing, food and the home, all the way through to the IT sector.

We want to be a brand that enriches and forms an integral part of people's lives. We want to be a company that does its best for people and the environment. We want to build relationships that are the next most important in people's lives after their families, between employees, between staff and customers, and between everyone we interact with.

Our vision is to one day establish STRIPE INTERNATIONAL as a global standard. We will not stop evolving until we achieve that goal.

Yasuharu Ishikawa

March 2016
President & CEO
Yasuharu Ishikawa