About our Business

Achieving group sales of over ¥110 billion

With the addition of CAN Company Ltd. in fiscal 2012, and other domestic and overseas group companies since then, in fiscal 2014 we achieved sales of over ¥110 billion.
Since fiscal 2015, we have been expanding our business domain to encompass “lifestyle and technology,” and have continued to take on new challenges as we push ahead with our growth strategy.


Moving beyond apparel and into the lifestyle busines Looking ahead, we are aiming to establish ourselves as a company capable of providing total lifestyle solutions for clothing, food and the home, instead of limiting ourselves in the fashion domain. We are working to expand our total range of lifestyle solutions, including “SCENT of Varo,” the original skincare and cosmetic brand we launched in fiscal 2014, and our natural ice cream brand “BLOCK natural ice cream.Starting in fiscal 2015, we have also been working on the evolution of our existing brands, including the launch of the “earth D[di ː] & ecology” lifestyle label under our core “earth music&ecology” brand. Harnessing technology for a new era We are also branching out into technology as another new business domain.<br>
In fiscal 2015, we expanded

the group to include Basket Inc., an IT company that provides home-delivery cleaning services. Through initiatives such as coordinating home-delivery cleaning services with our own e-commerce sites, we are harnessing technology to generate synergy with our apparel business. We have also become the first apparel manufacturer to launch a rental service for everyday clothing, in the form of “mechakari.” We are aiming to breathe new life into the fashion market by offering this service, based on the new concept of renting everyday clothing for a reasonable price. We are also combining lifestyle and technology in various different ways as we develop new lines of business, including establishing a group company to operate “PREMIUM JAPAN,” a site dedicated to showcasing Japan’s premium culture and technology.